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  1. B

    Out of my element - not sure where to find right parts

    Afternoon, a friend gifted me, an old RC car 1/10 scale buggy 2nd. Needs a new motor, rear tires, front tires. Figured I’d get new wheels as well, but I’m having a hard time finding replacements. It appears the buggy’s front axles that hold the wheel in place aren’t a common format. It’s not...
  2. J

    Problems with rear axle!!

    I had taken my Maximus 2 to have a service and we noticed that when the wheels are being turned there is a weird clicking noise but wheels still move freely. Checked the diff nothing wrong there all teeth are there etc. Yet when I put it down it just won't budge even when running any ideas the...
  3. D

    iso ofna twin titan front cva axles

    I'm looking for 2 ofna twin titan front cva axles to finish my twin titan
  4. Rear Pro-Spline HD Axles from Proline

    Rear Pro-Spline HD Axles from Proline

    This is a Rear Pro-Spline HD Axle pack. Pro-Line is proud to introduce the pre-assembled Pro-Spline HD Axles for the rear of the Slash 4x4, Stampede 4x4, Slash 2wd, Stampede 2wd, Electric Rustler and Rally! The Pro-Spline HD Technology debuted on the Pro-Line PRO-MT Kit and is designed to handle
  5. HPI-Killer

    Upgraded Axial SCX10 Chassis/Axle Combo! L@@k!
  6. HPI-Killer

    Sold / Found Upgraded Axial SCX10 Rubicon Chassis & Axle Combo 90% Complete

    Got this Axial SCX10 chassis setup here as an extra and no use for. Chassis has the RC4WD CMS & Panhard Kit Installed on the front, Rock Armor spare tire rack/rear bumper and a custom converted 4Wheel Steering rear axle with a hand built panhard bar, 100% solid. TRUCK REQUIRES:Rear Upper/Lower...
  7. TMaxxMike

    Direct drive axle?

    I seen this pic of a direct drive nitro car and used it for an avatar. Looks like a belt or rubber band between the nitro motor and the axle. Are there really cars out there like that? Wouldn't you need some sort of clutch? You would need a break too I would imagine.
  8. cmzm

    Savage x extended axles.!!

    Hi, I'm being looking for some type of extended axles for my savage x 4.6 17mm hex I want to make it wider, I don't want to use the 5.9 ones any ideas thanks in advance.
  9. Ckeithnitro

    Nitro Solid Axle "Pre-Runner" build

    I've cutout rough chassis plate, using Slash front end. Solid axle is Axial, with alum 4 links.. Driveline is MIP, which I pieced together to get the lenght I needed, Trans is Traxxas, HPI wheels, Proline tires Made some lower chassis stiffeners n mounts A little mock up...
  10. WoodiE

    Vanquish Products Currie centered rear axle for Axial Yeti and Wraith

    If you're looking for a realistic axle upgrade for your Axial Yeti or Wraith then Vanquish Products have what you're are looking for with their newest Currie centered pumpkin rear rockjock 70 axle. The perfect upgrade for the RC Scaler looking for a scale looking axle... Click to continue
  11. M

    RPM Axle carriers and pivot ball caps

    Hi guys. This Revo roller I'm in the middle of restoring has RPM axle carriers. Are they these? If so, I was going to get the pivot ball cap kit. Do I need it and will they fit on the RPM set up? Thanks!
  12. skinny352

    Axle problem

    My maxx 3.3 rear axle left side only keeps coming loose " set screw" any idea why I use loctite cause its upgraded to me tel hubs
  13. hulkmaxx

    Bent axle gear shaft in portals

    Took the SCX-10 out today for some crawling. Rolled it way hard down a rock bank. Bent a axle gear shaft on my Gmade portals:( Looks like it's back to ordering parts. Oh well. Forgot how much fun these crawlers are. :D
  14. Nitro4910

    Sold / Found WTB Tekno Revo axle carriers

    Looking for Tekno Revo carries #10141(just carries) or #1014(set w/hexs). I really need 2 sets of 4 as I'm building 2 trucks, but I'm looking for whatever I can get.
  15. C

    Sold / Found wtb scx10 axles.

    I'm looking for a set of scx10 axles.
  16. HPI-Killer

    Sold / Found WTB Complete Axial SCX10 Axles & Accs.

    Not picky as long as they are not busted, cracked, severly damaged or repaired but must be in good working condition. Also looking for either plastic or alloy lower/upper for 11.8" or 12.3" WB. Will be used for my Wraith 1.9 conversion, will consider Wraith AR60 axles as trade. PM or post...
  17. hulkmaxx

    SCX 10 R1 portale axles

    Does anyone know if these are any good. They are Gmade R1 portal axle. Was thinking of purchasing them for my SCX10 if they fit. Not sure about that either.
  18. chaoticxr10

    Sold / Found I need VP XR10 axle tops

    Hopefully in silver,but I will take black ones aswell,at this point I woulda taken any color if I just could get my hands on a pair...
  19. slowngreen

    Finally new axles

    After selling my decked bergs I didnt figure Id get back into a nice comper again but bully 2's are out now and they just might get me back into it. Alot of influence off a fully customized Berg axle, which is the...
  20. Childresshunt

    New axle carriers

    What would yall say would be the best 3.3 spec axle carrier set for the t maxx I have a 2.5 4910 max with the old style axle carriers. wanting to upgrade them to the 3.3 spec. The only other thing i will need is new drive shafts right