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    Addition to the fleet
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    Yellow SCX24 Jeep Wrangler
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  7. >BD

    Anyone use Clod Tires on an Axial Wraith?

    Has anyone else used these on a wraith axle rig or any other clod tire?
  8. WoodiE

    Axial SCX10 II UMG10 6x6 RTR

    Check out the new 6×6 Axial just released, the Axial SCX10 II UMG10! The SCX10 II UMG10 6×6 military-style body captures the look of fullsize 6×6 trucks, with scale features that include 1.9 military-spec wheels and tires, a working spare, and built-in mounting positions for front and rear LED...
  9. marauder

    Axial SCX10.2 Kit

    This was my first kit I’ve ever built. I must say axial hit it out of the park with this one. I had recently had a stroke in December of 2017, and needed something to help rehabilitate my hand since I work on computers. Being cooped up in the house with limited mobility I got into watching rc...
  10. marauder

    SMT10 - My first solid axle monster truck build

    So recently I’ve gotten into solid axle monster trucks. Thought I’d share my first build. Started life as a new Max-D SMT10 from Axial racing. Still a work in progress waiting on a lot of parts orders. Feel free to ask any questions. Thanks! Electronics: Removed axial esc/motor Savox SA1230SG...
  11. WoodiE

    Get 2 free LiPos with the Yeti XL

    Buy an Axial Yeti XL now through November 20, 2015, and you'll also get two Duratrax Onyx 2S 5000mAh LiPo batteries for free. - A $129.98 value. Take advantage of this exciting offer at participating hobby shops, or buy now at Offer ends 11/20.
  12. WoodiE

    RPM Axial Yeti XL Front Lower A-arms

    RPM has designed a set of lower front a-arms for the Axial Yeti XL. Not only made from their well known nylon blend that is incredible durable but RPM has also improved the lower front a-arms by removing as much as 0.004" (0.1mm) of slop from the inner and outer hinge pins. RPM has also added...
  13. WoodiE

    Axial Yeti 2-speed Transmission Conversion Kit

    Axial has just released a 2-speed Hi/Lo Transmission conversion kit for the 1/10th scale Axial Yeti. The Yeti 2-speed Hi/Lo Transmission kit comes with everything needed to complete the conversion, including a second taller high gear and all gears are heat treated for ultra durability. The only...
  14. HPI-Killer

    Upgraded Axial SCX10 Chassis/Axle Combo! [email protected]@k!
  15. HPI-Killer

    Sold Upgraded Axial SCX10 Rubicon Chassis & Axle Combo 90% Complete

    Got this Axial SCX10 chassis setup here as an extra and no use for. Chassis has the RC4WD CMS & Panhard Kit Installed on the front, Rock Armor spare tire rack/rear bumper and a custom converted 4Wheel Steering rear axle with a hand built panhard bar, 100% solid. TRUCK REQUIRES:Rear Upper/Lower...
  16. beason

    WTB axial scx10 rubicon

    Looking to purchase a axial scx10 rubicon, or possibly trade a vlx slash 4x4 for it. I am located in Houston TX, so if your local that is a plus. please let me know what you have, and what you want for it. trying to scale my 1:1 rig.
  17. wacmartin

    Help with a Axial NVS

    Hey guys, anybody have a Axial NVS? I was wondering if there was a way to power it off the BEC or pretty much any other way besides the main power source? My reason for this is one I don't use Tamiya style plugs I use Deans, two it already is connected to the receiver by the throttle and...
  18. Racer 1966

    Sold Axial Yeti Kit

    SOLD!!!! I'm not doing much in r/c right now and have other things I want/need so I am selling this kit. This is the Axial 1/10 Yeti kit I won here on RCNT. Open box but all bags are unopened and all still new. Remember this is a KIT,no electronics are included. I see these everywhere for...
  19. SMaxxin

    Axial G6 kit

    I had no intentions of a build thread but Hamz said I had to so here it is! I received this killer box from RPP Hobby on Tuesday!
  20. SCX-10/JK


    SCX-10/JK 3/4 Lights