axial scx24

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  1. 20210515_160305.jpg


    SCX24 roof rack accessories
  2. 20210515_155351.jpg


    SCX24 snorkel
  3. 20210514_151657.jpg


    SCX24 roof rack and accessories
  4. 20210514_141140.jpg


    SCX24 roof rack
  5. 20210513_135102.jpg


    SCX24 wing mirrors with proper mirrors
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    Steering issue on AXIAL SCX24

    Hi! I recently bought an AXIAL SCX24 1967 CHEVY for my son. We are new to rock crawlers and are having an issue. When we turn on the receiver, after a second or so, the steering/wheels jump suddenly all the way to the far right, to the point that adjusting the steering trim (to the left)...