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  1. luke66

    Would this fit a SCX24 Gladiator?
  2. luke66

    WTB Looking for Axial AX24, Traxxas 2wd, or Losi 22S.

    I'm looking for AX24 or traxxas 2wd rollers. cars in parts would be nice as well. just looking for a cheap new project. electronics not needed. but i will take them for learning purposes. note the word 'Cheap' being a 14yr old i can't really afford anything expensive....
  3. TommyWade

    SCX24 Deadbolt Driveline Surge Issue

    Hey there, Anyone have any ideas on how to resolve a surging issues at the wheels? He is what I’ve already fixed; -New upgraded motor -Disassembled the transmission and regreased -Disassembled the axles and reinstalled new bearings with grease Here is what I know; -The motor and trans turns...
  4. Haker_RC

    SCX 24 Brushless motor

    What are some cheaper scx 24 brushless motor
  5. Chilli Adventures

    All stock. Running great. Anyone else having a hard time getting out there lately?

    Seems it’s getting harder and harder to get out there and run the RC‘s. With Work and Karate and family and life, sometimes the hobby gets put on hold. So when I finally get to get out there, it seems like the greatest time in the world. Anyone else feel the same way? I am going to attach my...
  6. Grenfellorama

    Scx24 "Hard knocks" build out of hand!

    I can't ever seem to call this thing done! And now, I'm hooked on carving miniatures! Custom everything at this point, except the interior. The Dbolt interior is temporary while I redo the Revell interior. All of the cargo except the gas can is hand carved. The tackle box is made from the valve...
  7. LongIslandRC

    Small Scale Fun

    My bro Chookman built a course in his basement for our crew of 3 to run our SCX24s. It gets better every time I go back.
  8. LongIslandRC

    Upgrading My SCX24

    Slowly upgrading my C10 SCX24. I bought it because my bro built an indoor course and I'm very happy I did. The parts are mostly from China so they take a minute. Budget wise, you can't beat the prices.
  9. 416jojo

    "Soul King": my SCX24 Deadbolt

    So, here is my current project buggy: an SCX24 Deadbolt I've been tooling around with since November. Parts & upgrades so far: - Brass front diff cover - 050 motor - aluminum motor mount - Emax servo - Injora servo tray - Coda steering links - PowerHobby carbon fiber rails - RC4WD Goodyear...
  10. keepsgoing4evr

    My ultimate build (so far... Lol)

    Whelp, here my Deadbolt. Or what's left of it. Pretty much just the center skid I think. Shapeways Rum Runner chassis C10 links F/R (it's long lol) HR brass diff covers HR front axle housing HR front steering knuckles Furitek Lizard ESC HR motor Stock plastic gears (they feel smoother) Redcat...
  11. 20211031_015622.jpg


    I'm obsessed with articulation lol. Started as a deadbolt.
  12. SCX24bouncer

    SCX24 Deadbolt Build To Rock Bouncer Build

    Hello All, I am new to the RCTALK and wanted to share my build with you all. What started as a stock top heavy Deadbolt is now a Very capable insane low CG Rock Bouncer with insane articulation. I built the deadbolt first to see if I would like it with that body, and though is was very...
  13. keepsgoing4evr

    My budget Axial SCX24

    It likes to flex. I removed some of the roll bars in the back. Removed the light buckets and flipped the light bar downwards. Chopped the ESC mount and got it more inboard. Battery tray trimmed up. Flipped the rear shock mounts. Relocated the front shocks to the frame. Inverted the stock shocks...
  14. 20210515_160305.jpg


    SCX24 roof rack accessories
  15. 20210515_155351.jpg


    SCX24 snorkel
  16. 20210514_151657.jpg


    SCX24 roof rack and accessories
  17. 20210514_141140.jpg


    SCX24 roof rack
  18. 20210513_135102.jpg


    SCX24 wing mirrors with proper mirrors
  19. W

    Steering issue on AXIAL SCX24

    Hi! I recently bought an AXIAL SCX24 1967 CHEVY for my son. We are new to rock crawlers and are having an issue. When we turn on the receiver, after a second or so, the steering/wheels jump suddenly all the way to the far right, to the point that adjusting the steering trim (to the left)...