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  1. Guy219

    My project builds

    New to the form. I'm currently doing a long shock conversation on my slash 4x4, a 100% metal trans on my sc10, finishing up my associated b5m, building a speed run buggy out of my duratrax evader, blowing off the dust on my Clodburster. Been sitting sense 1999. And a buddy gave me a first gen...
  2. GMCK1500shoptruck

    My Associated CR12 build

    (Trying this from my laptop, thanks to the moderators for quickly deleting my screwed-up post attempt from my phone) I recently purchased an Associated CR12 truck to get back into the RC game! I used to have a Traxxas Stampede that I put a Pro-Line '72 C-10 body on. That was a fun truck, but I...
  3. T

    Losi 22s SCT or Associated SC10?

    Hey guys, new to the forum. Looking to get into RC racing. I've had some assorted nitro buggies but I want to get more serious. I think I'm down to either the 22s SCT Brushless by Losi or the ProSC10 by Associated. Pros and Cons of each brand, along with Pros and Cons of brushed vs. brushless...
  4. Speedy Wolf

    Preferred short course truck?

    I don't really know how to do this poll thing, I'm just testing it out, but please answer anyway! I'm trying not to start a whole Traxxas vs. Associated vs HPI thing (there are enough of those) so please don't start an argument.:D
  5. Nitrobuzzard

    RC10GT parts

    Ok guys, I got the RC10GT from Bill, great guy to deal with BTW. I'm now in need of a fuel tank and a flywheel/clutch setup. I can get them new off ebay but if anybody has anything laying around, I would rather buy from a member. Let me know -NB
  6. cbaker65

    cb65's mgt's.

    Heres my mgt's,first one is my primary basher,it does not get special attention other than the whoopin. Its about 11 yrs old. An the others. Mmgt.
  7. R

    first mgt, worst issue

    Hi, I'm having a very annoying issue. The truck starts but only after I prime it up with a few pumps. Then it dies in a few seconds. Seems like right after the fuel that was pumped into the carb is burnt the truck dies. It's spits out plenty of oil and smoke. I've tried leaning it out and...
  8. Reddog

    My "new to me" MGT

    Well I bought this MGT and believe it is the 4.6. I got this to be a project however it is clean and been taken care of so there is not much of a project there,LOL. A couple questions about them. Why do the brakes start to engage when you come down to 1/4 throttle? Is this a normal setting or is...
  9. Jacks9930

    TC4 Club Racer Kit

    I found a group of guy that race on an indoor track. They are carpet racing 1/10 buggies and touting cars. So I need a new ride to join in the fun. I was thinking of getting TC4 Club Racer Kit By ASSOCIATED. Has anyone ran this car?
  10. thecoroner

    Mgt disappointment

    Ok.....i bought a rtr mgt 8.0 from towerhobbies....the truck itself is great..but.....that 8.0 engine I'm not happy me it has no real power....and i dont like the I'm doing a overhaul on engine and shocks...want to know what yall thought abt the 8.0 engine
  11. J

    My mgt build.

    This is a recent project I am almost done with.
  12. richarddanis79

    My mgt 4.6

    My mgt 4.6 with a 8.0 tranny integy piggybacks and rpm a arms
  13. richarddanis79

    Mgt 4.6 foc

    What shaft does it come with the forward remverse ahaft or the 2 speed shaft I'm getting mixed andswers pleasse help i snapped the two speed shaft does the foc come with it or is it the drive reverse main shaft
  14. richarddanis79

    Mgt 4.6 transmission problem

    So my mgt 4.6 tranny started to slip the next day wouldn't move at all unless off ground so i pulled the tranny for the first time took it all apart all the gears seemed good one of the shafts were snapped though not sure what part it is exactly, does anyone have a diagram of the tranny or know...
  15. HPI-Killer

    MGT 4.60 SE Tranny Engaging Problem

    I have ran into a possibly major issue that I hve never come across before which is a transmission engaging problem. It stays engaged at stops, low rpm and low-mid rpms and shifts smooth as butter. But when the mill exceeds that rpm range it disengages alltogether and leaves only the...
  16. T

    The Dark Side: Electric MGT

    I know I haven't posted in a while. My poor nitro motor sucked in some sand at the beach. So rather than pick up another nitro engine I decided to make an Electric MGT. The battery in the pic is a 2s (I will be running 4s) . The kit I made uses the existing tranny, and gas tank holes to...
  17. C

    MGT 4.6 & MGT 3.0 video

    A few runs with my 4.6 & 3.0 MGT 4.6 Vid MGT 3.0 Vid
  18. hulkmaxx

    MGT teardown!

    Well last couple weekends have been rough on my MGT! I decided after beating the immortal crap out of it for like two seasons in a row better tear it down and do the clean and inspect stuff. found it odd my rear diff had minimal wear but I had some noticeably chipped teeth on my ring gear on the...
  19. Ckeithnitro

    Video MGT 8.0 ERCM

  20. hulkmaxx

    Hulks MGT Back flips

    Vid of back flipping the MGT I got a couple more vids I hope to get posted later! Vid doesn't get good until after the first minute or so.