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  1. Glitch

    Wheels hard to turn by hand??

    Just got back from a short trip where I bashed my Arrma Vorteks at a massive skatepark (in the pouring rain)! I had asked about the issue I was having with the motor and was basically told to check the motor and gears. So I took out the motor/pinion thing and took it apart to find that it is all...
  2. Glitch

    Vorteks Electronics issues…

    Long drive to a competition tomorrow, and there’s an epic skatepark near where I’m staying. The new steering block for my Vorteks arrived today to replace a broken one and installing went well, now I need to quickly tackle the other problems 🙄 I hope y’all can give me some good tips. I’ll go in...
  3. Glitch

    Just bought the Arrma Senton Mega from a tower hobbies scratch and dent sale

    Hadn’t heard of scratch and dent so went to check the site. $150 with a battery? Bought within 15 minutes. Lol. Seems like they have plenty of them as well. Will keep you all updated
  4. Glitch

    How is Jenny's RC so cheap??

    Keep seeing people talk about it so went and checked for parts for my model (vorteks). The transmitter is (although sold out) less than $20? How?
  5. RET4RD

    Arrma 1/8 Infraction--not so retarded anymore

    THEY FINALLY FIXED IT!!!!!!!!! Before I bought the FMX I almost bought the brushed version to do a 6S...
  6. Arrma Kraton gets some air, Spunk love's it 😁 backflip time

    Arrma Kraton gets some air, Spunk love's it 😁 backflip time

  7. F

    Vintage RC: Identifying A Thunder Tiger TS4N

    Hello all, here is my beautiful like new TS4N. Does anyone know the exact model this is, or when it came out and was released? Mine has a 2 Speed transmission, but it doesn't have the green and yellow gears. It also has different shock towers? Thank you all!
  8. YoMamaLlama

    Best brand and car? Arrma VS Traxxas

    Hey, I am thinking of getting a new RC car, I need less begginer car and the ARRMA Typhon I have just keeps falling apart. First motor burnt, had to get new pinion gears as the key inside the pinion was broke. Then the pinion gears I ordered to replace the broken one were manufactured wrong so...
  9. P

    6s Arrma Kraton or 6s Arrma Talion

    I’m looking for an all around 6s vehicle. If I’m playing in my yard one day and the the next day I go to a small skate park or playing in the snow. I’m looking for versatility. I’m not going to abuse it extremely but I am going to have fun. Also what one will handle better off road with lots of...
  10. P

    6s Kraton or 6s Outcast

    I am looking for a new rc. I am debating between the 6s kraton or the outcast. Both are around the same price. I have heard that both are great. So which one is better? Please help.
  11. 00000000.jpg


    Arrma fazon 6s with hpi gigante body
  12. Matt Ryan

    Need Bashing Buddies in Hudson Valley, NY for Fun or Club

    Looking for people to bash with or create a club near Yorktown skatepark or Cortlandt skatepark.
  13. Lefse

    Plastic driveshafts

    Hi, I see that many bigger RC cars from Traxxas and Arrma come with plastic driveshafts these days. Are there any advantages to this over steel driveshafts or are they doing it purely to cut costs? I also see that many cheaper RC cars come with steel driveshafts, so the cost saving argument...
  14. Kage

    Big Rock V3 Steering Upgrade (25kg servo & Hot Racing servo saver)

    Howdy fellow bashers! I just uploaded a (super long) video showing the process of some steering upgrades to my Big Rock. In the video we're installing the 25kg servo everyone gets from Amazon and a Hot Racing servo saver. (I also have the bellcrank, but it's not installed yet). If you're...
  15. M

    Arrma Kraton build

    Got done with my new RC body
  16. Senton 6s

    Senton 6s

    Spooled 80-100mph senton
  17. A

    HELP PLEASE! Arrma Felony

    I switched out the 16 tooth pinion for the 23 tooth. Does the higher gearing make it louder? Also there’s hardly any coast at all. Almost as if some brake is being applied. Is this normal with higher gearing?
  18. The RC Car

    Can anyone do me a favor?

    If y'all see a used Arrma Mojave for sale, can you tell me? Thanks!
  19. The RC Car

    Slash 4x4 over heated after long hard drive down the driveway, again ?

    Hey y'all! I took the slash out for a drive two days ago and it overheated after about 10 minutes, the temperature was in the 60s (Fahrenheit). I thought this was weird, but set it too cool down (it has an ESC fan btw), and after 30 minutes it still hadn't cooled down. I unplugged the batt and...
  20. The RC Car

    Looking for used Arrma Mojave 1/7th scale.

    I'm looking for a used Arrma Mojave 1/7th scale, with or without batteries. If you see one for sale could you let me know? Or if you have one you are willing to trade, I have a slash 4x4 with upgrades and accessories that cost me $1178.46 with three batts will trade for Arrma Mojave 1/7th scale.