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  1. F.R.S. Ninja_007

    PoloCreationsRC lights

    I just recently stumbled upon this on YouTube and I just wanted to share with you. I saw lights for Arrma, Traxxas, and Losi. I’ll probably load up on their Slash lights for my new project. Here’s his website:
  2. Glitch

    Ground clearance AND stability?

    My sister is looking into joining the hobby and she was thinking of getting something that allows her to do large jumps, mud, etc. She said she would like something with a little more ground clearance than my Vorteks so I immediately started looking at other arrma trucks (love the vorteks) but...
  3. The Arrma Senton Has Returned!!!!!!! #shorts

    The Arrma Senton Has Returned!!!!!!! #shorts

    So after a long wait, the arrma senton is back!!! (with some damage which will be fixed) Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss it!!!! Special Thanks to IRainz2 for the music, check him out here:
  4. New Light Kit For the Arrma Senton #Shorts

    New Light Kit For the Arrma Senton #Shorts

    Arrma Senton Rebuilt Video Coming Soon!!! Stay tuned!!! Arrma Senton Light Kit from Polo Creations:
  5. New Shocks Are Here!!!

    New Shocks Are Here!!!

    New Aluminum Shocks Just Came in, trying them out on the rear. Looks great. no shock fluid in them yet.
  6. Arrma Senton's First run (reupload) #shorts

    Arrma Senton's First run (reupload) #shorts

    My Youtube: Find Me on twitch: Twitter:
  7. We tried to save him, but we were too late (So sad!! T^T)  #Shorts

    We tried to save him, but we were too late (So sad!! T^T) #Shorts

    So I was doing some off camera runs and... i crashed itWhyyyyyy!!!!!! TwT right before i grab the camera.Find Me on twitch:
  8. WhiplashGamz

    Good suspension for the Arrma Senton?

    so if any of y'all have seen my recent post, you probably know that I broke the front a shock arm and the top of the shock absorber, so, I'm debating on whether to upgrade the suspension altogether, but I've seen posts about some shock arms easily breaking on the senton. Now, me being in the RC...
  9. Killed It!!!!!

    Killed It!!!!!

    sooo, i was just about to upload to youtube, and I was doing some runs before recording, aaaaaand, I ran it into a mailbox T^T (right before the video man I mean come on T^T)
  10. WhiplashGamz

    Good light kits for the Arrma Senton

    So I have an Arrma Senton 3s BLX 4x4 SCT, and I've been looking for a good light set for it so I can see at night. preferably (just for aesthetics) taillights that fit into the rear bumper with hazards, and lights upfront with hazards as well (if this isn't a thing then it's fine I just think...
  11. Arrma senton Update!!

    Arrma senton Update!!

    (old videos from my youtube channel) A quick upload to keep u guys up to date twitch channel:
  12. Arrma Senton's First run

    Arrma Senton's First run

    This is a short clip of my new Arrma Senton, expect a new Official first video in the upcoming weeks at most
  13. Exc3l

    Senton 3s to 6s (speed run)

    Hello, Already have a build thread but just posting here! Senton 3s/6s upgrades/mods: - DBoot HOONS -17mm hexes (Typhon) -26 t- 32 t pinion -BLX185 with custom plexiglass mount -BLX185 combo 6s motor (2050 kV) - Typhon 6s shocks -Typhon body -DUMBO RC controller and receiver - Brand new v3...
  14. WoodiE

    Arrma Granite & Senton 4x4's get brushless upgrades

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