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  1. F

    POV Street Bash w/12S Kraton🔥8s Outcast and friends

    If you know….this took some work to put together. Had a blast creating. Thank you for watching. Enjoy!
  2. F

    Outcast 4s v2 skating

    Got that out of the way. First skate park bash. Growing confidence to get bigger and better jumps! Check out my run, grand opening grand closing! Frumba57
  3. F

    Arrma Outcast 4s v2 is unbreakable!

    Not sure if you have a need for a new RC, but right now the O4S is a favorite for its durability, speed and agility. Wow. Fantastic rig. Watch like and leave a comment, I’d love to hear your thoughts. PS. I got caught in pond grass 🤬
  4. P

    6s Kraton or 6s Outcast

    I am looking for a new rc. I am debating between the 6s kraton or the outcast. Both are around the same price. I have heard that both are great. So which one is better? Please help.
  5. 20210620_170422.jpg


  6. 2021-0217-outcast-35mmRocketSurpassFan-max6-side.jpg


    My outcast
  7. BobP

    OUTCAST in my front yard

  8. WoodiE

    RPM Rear A-Arms for Arrma Outcast, Kraton and Talion

    RPM Rear A-Arms for Arrma Outcast, Kraton and Talion Continue reading the full article