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  1. WoodiE Coupon Codes and Deals

    This thread will act as the placeholder for AMAIN coupon codes and discounts so keep an eye on it as it continues to be updated. If you find any good deals on AMain, please post them here as well to share with the rest of the forum. :) AMain Coupon Codes for August 2015 $8.00 off $55 or...
  2. WoodiE

    Welcome AMain Hobbies as new sponsor!

    RCNT's latest forum sponsor really needs no introduction as I would wager just about every member here has been to their website at one time or another and probably has an extensive order history with them already... please welcome!
  3. godale03

    New Amain site

    What do you guys think of the new AMainhobbies website? I'm not so sure I like the new layout. It looks like they are branching out from RC too. I thought the other site was easier to navigate... or maybe I was just used to it. LOL Tom
  4. godale03

    amain codes

    Hey guys.... Anybody have the latest amain codes? Thanks!
  5. godale03

    Amain codes

    Anybody have the amain coupon codes for this month? Thanks Tom
  6. godale03

    amain codes?

    Hey guys... getting ready to make a buggy purchase from amain. Are there any codes this month? Thanks! Tom
  7. Rooky

    is amainhobbies good place to purchase your rc parts?

    title says all =P seems like they got every parts that i need for my nitro car at a decent price.
  8. J

    Amainhobbies or Nitrohouse

    I've purchased from Horizon hobbies once, living in canada I get charged brokerage fees up the wazoo. I don't shop there anymore. I've bought things from Amainhobbies with no additional brokerage charges. I haven't bought from nitrohouse, so I don't know what to expect. I'll pay $30...
  9. h8z2luze

    AMain accepts paypal.... LATER!

    I got a email that said this.... PayPal has given A Main Hobbies the opportunity to offer our customers a special promotional payment option of No Payments for 90 Days on orders that are $50 or more! A Main Hobbies is excited to be able to offer this delayed payment choice to our customers...
  10. grgbulldog

    Amain Hobbies

    Well, I'm impressed. I ordered my mamba 6800 from them last Tuesday after seeing they had it in stock just after i backordered from tower. The shipping from tower for my drivetrain upgrades was 9 bucks, and at amain there was an option for free shipping(would just take 7-10 days). I clicked that...
  11. O

    Argh! AMainHobbies Coupon Codes.

    I lost the newsletter that Amain sent me, does anyone have the codes handy? I'm about to order something and I found I could use my discount codes, but I think I lost the newsletter that has the codes.
  12. Lessen

    Micro Nitro's on the cheap @ AMain

    I was just surfing and noticed that has REALLY good deals right now on the small nitro kits/rtr. This is tough time to keep myself inline. Kyosho mini inferno 09 is only $199! The ARR is only $155! The truggy version is $209! I've been wanting one of these to.... ugh...