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  1. LongIslandRC

    Rusty Gets A Rebuild

    I bought my first hobby grade RTR in 2006, the Traxxas Rustler XL10. It's been through hell and back too many times to mention. I've upgraded it many times over the years. There are actually no original pieces left on it but it still has that Rusty soul. Now he gets the thorough makeover that he...
  2. WoodiE

    How To De-anodize and Polish Aluminum RC Parts

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  3. Big daddy kane

    Traxxas 4 tec 2.5 cnc Billet parts Extinct:(

    So I have a traxxas 4 tec nitro. 2.5r ..nice little car but I've recently wanted to upgrade a few part, some for performance, some for pure looks , too cnc aluminum,..but. I can't find any of these parts, I know it's a older car and all but you can search and find tons of pics of them fully...
  4. Cupofjoe5

    Vkar bison aluminum parts?

    Anyone k ow where to find aluminum parts for the bison? I ordered a medal piece i already bent and broke lol. Hit a wall, i want aluminum chassis and other parts. Anyone know where to locate said parts? Thanks
  5. wacmartin

    Aluminum Bulkheads

    After doing some diff maintenance today I went to put everything back together and noticed my bulkheads were broken. Both at the bottom were the skid protectors screw in, it looks like the screws almost pulled right out, and one the mounting tabs on the back end of the bulkhead broke off. Again...
  6. Sweetlou069

    question about aluminum upgades

    hi so again for the ofna lx 2, i just bought lower front and back arms in aluminum for it, i changed it n i love the flashy look it gives, so i was thinking of buying the upper arms front and back , also the front caster block and the steering linkage all in aluminum... my question is if i hit a...
  7. olds97_lss

    What happened to all the companies?

    Used to be you had a hard time choosing which companies aluminum alloy parts were the best to buy. Now it's hard to find a company making anything that isn't Integy. I mean, I fell off the map for a year or two, then decided to dust off my revo and bash it, which usually means something breaks...
  8. griff7373

    Sold / Found LST DIFF Support In aluminum or other metal.

    Looking for one of these:;c=160 Not really concerned with the color or who makes it actually. The Plastic ones do not hold up very well, I bought one awhile ago for the rear and at the time didn't know the front one was broken also. I only...
  9. Reddog

    Sold / Found T Maxx aluminum parts

    Here are some aluminum parts from a project the went all RPM. It is a mix of Fast Lane arms and towers and integy parts. This is all best offer or trade. Thank You, Shaun As per the rules I need to post a price I think. So lets say $100 shipped.
  10. andy t

    Hot Racing aluminum 3 shoe clutch and flywheel upgrade/ carb issue and question

    busted the factory clutch up some how so i went with hot racing's aluminum flywheel and 3 shoe upgrade (for my 3.3 revo) i see a noticeable improvement in acceleration. and my steel spur gear is on the way. my only concern is why i have to clean out my carb every tank or so for it to run... I'm...
  11. Huggybear87

    Alloy clutch upgrade

    Just wondering if the Intergy 3 shoe cluch upgrade is any good or better than stock
  12. jmarcet85

    Aluminum parts

    Hey whats up fellow rc addicts I'm going to be ordering some aluminum front end parts(castor blocks, rear hub carriers, etc) for my ten t. I'm not sure if I should go with integy or hot racing. I think I'm going to go with hot racing but would like some opinions on who makes better quality parts...
  13. HPI-Killer

    Broken Alloy Link End Screw Dilema...

    So my vxl wraith+curb= busted link ends and busted screws that holds it all together... My question/dilema is that I'm having a brain fart on how to get the broken screws out of the link... They are busted inside the link so pliers can't help me. What can I attempt to do to remove them from...
  14. Z

    Looking for Aluminum Drive and Ring Gears for NTC3

    Does anyone know if there is anyone in the country making aluminum drive and ring gears for the Associated NTC3? I can run my small motor, Nitro TC3 Powered by Z'Stein Modified TRX 2.5 - YouTube, run after run, but as soon as I put my 18TZ on the plastic gears strip on the first hit. Any ideas...
  15. B

    Sold / Found emaxx aluminum shocks and white rpm arms

    I've got a full set of white rpm arms for the emaxx. I had to shorten them just a tad bit because at full extension my cvds would come out of the cups. With telescoping shafts you won't have any problem. After I shortened them I put the front turnbuckles on the rear and used the front...
  16. B

    Aluminum upgrades for the XL

    After reading a lot of the older threads I realize now that upgrading to aluminum isn't the way to go but, are there any parts on the XL that can or should be upgraded to aluminum or something stronger. Let me say this to I'm not going to be jumping over houses or off roof tops and I don't go...
  17. Bkyd Basher

    aluminum pushrods

    Hey guys, I wanted to order rpm ends for my aluminum pushrods but wasn't sure which ones to order. Does anyone know which ones I need for them?
  18. J

    100% aluminum tmaxx

    I'm thinking about doing a full aluminum tmaxx. What does the world think of this? And where is the best place to order?
  19. MudSlinger33

    Rc Logics Aluminum

    RD Logics Aluminum Any one know if the rd logics aluminum is any good? I found some steering blocks, rear hub carriers and castor blocks for the LST. They are about the only company other than integy that makes these parts. Sent from my XT907
  20. ausher

    vintage clod with vintage aluminum frame.

    dug this out of my dads basement to get running. haven't ran in over 20 years. hooked up an extra flysky receiver to it and it works great. I don't remember the manufacturer of the frame. has an old futaba esc and two trinity monster horsepower clod motors. one reverse rotation and one...