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  1. Emm2849

    DIY Rc plane

    I have just finished my diy rc plane and it actually flies really well. It has 30 inch wingspan and about 24 inch fuselage. Lost the bullet connector so I’m waiting for a replacement. It’s running 3s with a 1400kv motor, 8060 propeller
  2. YoMamaLlama

    New Plane Ideas

    Hey, I'm looking in getting a new plane, crashed mine pretty hard in a nosedive when the elevator broke. Looking for an electric plane, with modes to change (Beginner, intermediate, expert). The price range is $100-400. I would like it to be from hobby horizon as I have the MLP6DSM transmitter...
  3. Tunedfrog

    Cloud Kitten .15

    This is my first and what I have so far. Cloud Kitten .15 however I am making her electric instead. This is what I have so far...
  4. The RC Car

    Looking for plane

    Hey everyone, I'm thinking about getting a plane or quadcopter, I'm new to planes but I've been around quadcopters and helicopters for about 8 years. Any suggestions on what to get? My price range is pretty flexible, I'm hoping to get something that is really quality. Also if I got a drone I...
  5. D

    Spektrum or FrSky

    I'm looking at a Spektrum DX10T or a FRSky X12S Horus. Has anyone got some user comments before I buy. Thanks
  6. M

    Battery compatibility for WLTOYS F959 plane

    I just bought a WLTOYS F959 plane that takes a 7.4v 300mah battery. Can I get a larger battery to increase the flying time and where is the cheapest place to get the batteries besides China?Also how long should the flying time be on the stock battery?
  7. WoodiE

    HANGAR 9 F6F Hellcat 15cc ARF

    Continue reading the Original Blog Post.
  8. WoodiE

    Outside of US Huckin' in the Valley 2018

    The Arnprior Radio Control Club is hosting the 3rd Annual Huckin’ In the Valley for all of you guys out there who love to “Huck Around” with your aerobatic model. Come join us for lots 3D fun, participate in the famed “Cluster Huck”, and other shenanigans at the club’s large grass field nestled...
  9. bobthebob

    Will a K4.6 run okay with an O.S. #8 airplane glow plug?

    My stock glow plug died today. Not sure why, it still looks silver it just stopped glowing. I had bought an OS medium car plug (P5 T series) but it is too big for the glow plug hole, apparently it's for a larger glow plug hole :(. So the only other plug I had was a #8 (medium) for planes. I got...
  10. hamz9561

    Scale RC B-52 Flight

    I can just say, "WOW!" This thing is awesome:
  11. HPIguy

    Sold / Found I Need a New Airplane Sale

    I totaled a new plane Sunday, and I'd like to replace it without making a dent in the savings account. So some other toys must go. All prices include shipping / insurance and PP fees anywhere in the lower 48. No trades, need cash, Paypal only unless you're local. Axial SCX10 Rubicon kit, I...
  12. WoodiE

    First flight of model 747 airplane

    This is an great video of a model 747's first flight. The 747 is powered by four turbine engines, each with a thrust of 14kg. Weighs 131 pounds and sports a 16 foot wingspan and is 17.8 feet long. Pretty cool to watch!
  13. W

    rc nitro airplanes

    iv decided to give up rebuilding my old car and thought about an airplane. so I'm in need of advice of were to start and which would be best to buy as I'm gunna buy new not build one. any help would be greatfull thanks :)
  14. G

    Just got a glow engine nitro airplane, need advice

    So I have been flying 3ch electric champ and 4ch spitfire for the past couple months. The last 20 charges or so I havent had a crash, just fly stunts and land. So I was looking for a new plane, something bigger. I was offered a well built used 4ch glow powered trainer in awesome condition (not a...
  15. Spyke_696

    2 questions so i can better understand the airplane hobby

    Ok i see alot of different channels 4 to 9 ...i understand 4 but thats the rest do 4manage is u basic side to side up n down and spins ect. Whats the use for more??? Also i see different planes warbirds ..acro ..and bi planes ect that just ur preference in looks or do they do different...
  16. Spyke_696

    please help I'm new to this side airplane

    Ok so heres my deal I'm looking to to get into the air rcs i want a nitro or gas powered plane and i want it made of fiberglass kit would be ust fine i also am looking for it to be like a jet if now a jet an old war hog can anyone give me sites to look at and good models
  17. andydrew39219

    Need a couple of clarifications on airplanes

    I have been checking out rc airplanes because I have been interested in them and my buddy got a hobbyzone champ for Christmas that looks pretty cool. He hasn't flown it yet because of weather. But I see these beginner airplanes, like the champ, then I see trainers which are usually a lot more...
  18. SMaxxin

    Just ordered my first airplane!!

    While at my sons football practice I was talking to another dad that I had gone to school with, turns out he fly's planes and has been for many years. He and another one of our friends found a place just outside of town to fly the bigger planes but I'm not ready for those yet. I just ordered...
  19. SMaxxin

    Sold / Found WTB 2.4 radio for airplane

  20. scottc

    Is there a difference between car lipos and airplane lipo batteries

    I ran into this question at the LHS today and i did a search and did not come up any answers so iam posing the question here or the discussion of the question... I can see there is 2 main differences i do know of between car and plane batteries is hard and soft shells or case.. looking...