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  1. WhiplashGamz

    Good suspension for the Arrma Senton?

    so if any of y'all have seen my recent post, you probably know that I broke the front a shock arm and the top of the shock absorber, so, I'm debating on whether to upgrade the suspension altogether, but I've seen posts about some shock arms easily breaking on the senton. Now, me being in the RC...
  2. Killed It!!!!!

    Killed It!!!!!

    sooo, i was just about to upload to youtube, and I was doing some runs before recording, aaaaaand, I ran it into a mailbox T^T (right before the video man I mean come on T^T)
  3. WoodiE

    RPM Rear A-Arms for Arrma Outcast, Kraton and Talion

    RPM Rear A-Arms for Arrma Outcast, Kraton and Talion Continue reading the full article
  4. WoodiE

    RPM Axial Yeti XL Front Lower A-arms

    RPM has designed a set of lower front a-arms for the Axial Yeti XL. Not only made from their well known nylon blend that is incredible durable but RPM has also improved the lower front a-arms by removing as much as 0.004" (0.1mm) of slop from the inner and outer hinge pins. RPM has also added...
  5. pjoseph

    RPM True Track Rear A-Arms question?

    I am in the process of installing the RPM true track a-arms, and noticed the connection point where the hub carrier connects to the bottom a-arm via the hinge pin is very tight. It does not move back and forth freely (see attached red arrows), I wanted to ask if i should lightly sand the that...
  6. Rdizz

    Nitro Rustler RPM Rear A-Arms

    Well I got some Upgrades today and since it is icing like crazy outside decided to add all the upgrades at once, I got the rear arms installed but the pin that connects the rear arms to the chassis does not fit. it goes in but it is just not long enough to connect that stupid pin. Has anyone...
  7. nazUK

    RPM Extended or standard A-Arms

    Hi Sorry if this topic has already been covered but I just can't seem to find the info that I'm looking for regarding these RPM A-Arms, I'm about to order them but just want be sure what problems I may or may not come in to, the front a-arms are straight forward but I'd like to know if I should...
  8. spiritdriven7

    losing a-arm pins

    So far I've lost two rear lower a-arm pins...I'm tempted to loctite them in place. Have I overlooked something that would normally hold these in place? Is there a better idea than loctite to keep them from vibrating out?
  9. WoodiE

    3D printer making a Traxxas A-arm

    Was at the local hobby shop today and in came a guy from www.artlabky.com with a 3D printer. The printer was running off a LiPo battery pack and was printing a Traxxas A-arm. Was actually pretty amazing to see in person. The printer was very light, compact and even printed upside down! Was...
  10. B

    Are rpm a-arms any good?

    Hi guys are rpm arms any good better than stock arms thinking of getting some?..:)
  11. V

    RPM A-Arms?

    What so special about RPM arms? One of my front arms is stripped, where the knuckle goes in. Just noticed the RPM one's are double what stock are.
  12. B

    rpm a-arms retainers or pins?

    ok i got aluminum diff cases while i was installing them into my t-maxx i noticed that both stock lower a arms were cracked at the hinge and the pins that hold them were twisted. it had a few front end collisions in its time. this explains my wonky steering away. i have ordered Rpm a-arms off...
  13. C

    A-arm pins?

    I think one of my pins is broken it was sticking out the back keeping the steering from turning. Was wondering was a good set of pins to get
  14. B

    RPM True Track Rear A-arm Conversion

    Is there an instructional video or thread with pictures? I searched, but came up empty. Thanks, Rob
  15. D

    Broken RPM A-Arm

    Was playing today, and on the 2nd tank of gas, I hit a curb by accident. As we all know the brakes on a Jato aren't the best, so the car tailspun and the rear left wheel smacked the curb. Oddly, the only thing that broke was the arm. It snapped right the hinge-pin hole. The hinge-pin was...
  16. jk6672

    rear a-arms

    What set-up would be better, RPM true track rear a-arm kit or RPM rear a-arms with RD racing or STRC axle carriers with my MIP axles?
  17. Kfarron1


    I have the rear RPM blue a-arms upper and lower and axle carriers for the traxxas t-maxx 3.3 I had these on my 4907 tmaxx but went with rpm tru-tracks... $25 shipped takes em !!!
  18. B

    Replacing front upper a-arm

    So I managed to snap the factory a-arm in half some how. I can't for the life of me figure out how to get it off and put a new on one!! Help!:\
  19. J


    does a 2.5 4910 truck have narrow or wide a-arms:\? I'm ordering a set of rpm and dont have a clue witch ones i need...[ damb newbees ]
  20. Nor_Cal_Guy

    Recomend Control/A-Arms

    I have an LST2 with some aluminum and would like to replace them with something more durable....Ideas please?