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  1. J

    TLR 8IGHT servo torque???

    I have a team losi racing 8ight 4.0 with a spektrum S6250 (0.13s 271oz-in.) In it, i also own a savox SC-1258TG (0.08s 166oz-in.) Would the savox be enough torque for the 1/8 buggy or would it strip out?
  2. N

    New to hobby, getting a team losi rc 8eight mini

    I am new to rc and am planning to get a team losi rc 8eight mini and I just want to know how to keep it in a great condition how to know if I'm doing good or bad how to treat my batteries in a good condition and all the basic stuff that I don't know .
  3. fragged3d

    E-Revo plugs won't fit Spektrum transmitter

    I recently bought a Spektrum DX4R Pro for my Traxxas E-revo and Losi 8ight e 4.0 and when I try connecting the e revo which has the monster mamba 2 installed, nothing fits in the spektrum receiver!
  4. fragged3d

    My new build, Losi 8ight e 4.0

    8ight by fragged3d posted Jul 12, 2016 at 6:35 PM Here are the parts that have came so far!
  5. jayrc10

    Engine revs, Buggy doesn't move

    Hi i have the following buggy. The issue is that, the engine starts fine but when i put the buggy on the ground it doesn't even move. Losi 8ight 2.0 RTR buggy with 350 engine 2 shoe clutch Checked the diffs and tranny- the car free rolls without any problem. It moves only slightly at full...
  6. WVNed

    Losi 8ight T unbinding

    I ran the first tank without issue. On the second it started unbinding every time the engine started. You have to cycle the power on the car to get it to rebind. I tried another tx/rx( same servos) and it did the same thing. I know other people have had this problem. Anyone know of a solution?
  7. boogyman1313

    Not sure what i have here. Can you help?

    Guys gals how are you doing I'm needing a little help i got this car the other day and from what I'm told its a losi 8ight 2.0 i am not familiar with these amazing little machines i have yet to hear this sucker run and that is if it does i need to get a reedy 1600 series battery any input will be...