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  1. Armysolo

    Traxxas Rustler with working 2 speed

    I've seen this asked a couple of times so I thought I'd share how I put a 2 speed in my Traxxas Rustler. Some background: This was my first nitro RC. I've been working on cars all my life but my background is IT and Engineering. I got the stadium truck from my dad. He bought it probably close...
  2. L

    Can I keep the 2 speed gearing??

    So I’ve already converted a few 2.5 tmaxxes and they all have been pretty good but I’ve been wanting to do one with one of my 3.3 chassis and have really wanted to keep the two speed gearing, since in all the 2.5s I’ve single speed converted them. Other than having to still use the servo brake...
  3. M

    HPI Super Nitro RS4 2 speed upgrade

    Hey community, I was gifted this amazing car, I know it is very old/vintage RC car, but it's practically new since was only ran a couple of times, not even a quart of Nitro has ran through the engine, and I would like to use it to intro myself to the hobby. I see there were a couple of...
  4. J

    Kyosho mp9e Evo speedrun

    Hi, i'm using my mp9e Evo to build a speed runner. Currently i'm only getting to 120km/h(mamba monster on 6s), because I can't put bigger gears as the motor mount can't be moved further from the center diff. What are the options to solve this? A smaller gear on the diff is also not possible...
  5. N

    T-Maxx 2.5 transmission question

    I am looking for someone who can help me out with a little issue I’m having. I have the tmaxx 2.5 w/ a TRX 3.3 engine swap. But here’s where my problem is. It was running fine with the 3.3 through break in and for a few tanks of running and now it will not shift into second gear if there’s any...
  6. R

    Shelled my 2 speed transmission

    i was running at the local track finishing up the break in of my newly installed picco boost and 3 mins in started hearing a nasty gear rattle. At first I thought a rock was stuck in the spur gear but upon inspection it was fine. There were two distinct binding points while rolling the truck...
  7. deloreandrag

    Issue with Exceed RC forza

    Hello everyone! I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to RC cars and stuff, however just had a quick question. Yesterday I was running my Exceed RC Forza with the .18 engine and two speed transmission. I was running it up and down my street when suddenly the car stopped and wouldn't go into gear. As...
  8. M


    HELLO, I JUST PURCHASED A BRAND NEW OFNA BUGGY8 .28 nitro and I am interested in installing a two speed transmission , would it fit from another Ofna car,I am new to this hobby and know very little. Any help would be greatly appreciated ! Thanx!
  9. Garry Clarke

    2 Speed conversion for the Thunder tiger eb4 s2.5

    Hi guys Any help on this would be great,plus a list of parts and where to source them all from would be good too... Many thanks Garry
  10. Ben Willis

    Acme 2 speed adjustment

    In the past week I've put a new clutch and two speed tranny on my acme cyclone and it doesn't seem to shift in to second, so I was looking at the tranny to try and adjust it, but I can find the screw in the clutch anywhere and it came with no instructions, so if anyone has any ideas, some help...
  11. bobaloohoo

    2 speed Tranny problem troubleshoot

    transmission wouldnt shift, but now it does! but i wanna inform some people on 3 little screws I've never payed attention to, it will save your engines short lived life and tranny's teeth and bearings there are 3 screws holding your middle gear in your tranny to the gear with the shift adjust...
  12. jmarcet85

    Jato 2 speed trans

    Hey guys going to be replacing the crap plastic gears in my jato tranny. I've found two sets one is all hardend steel and one is Aluminum. Both by hot racing weight really isn't a concern considering my jato is 100% aluminum. I'm just wondering if there is any advantage to either. I'm assume the...
  13. scootr

    Blew my 2 speed again.. Any suggestions ?

    Hey guys, I have managed to smoke my 2 speed again. The first time, it blew the wide ratio gear set. I replaced it along with the primary clutch. Second tank in and it blows again. This time the wide ratio gear set stripped, the pins flew out of the primary clutch and the bearings on the...
  14. RC/Racer

    Traxxas 4-Tech 2 speed Tranny

    Hi All : I was out running my 4-tech on a wide open Paved parking lot @ my Local Park... after about 10-15min into running... My 4-Tech would not move Engine running normal engine sound's @ 1st I thought I threw a drive belt... upon shutdown & popped off body upon closer inspection the gear was...
  15. W

    Savage 2 speed tranny help?

    I just bought a new 2 speed tranny and have a few questions? on the side with the spur gear it says to use the diff cup number 86272 is it the same diff cup on oppsite side? also the shifter rod that goes into tranny has a brass collar do i have to open tranny to put it in or what do i do? any...
  16. W

    2 speed trans question

    I just installed a hpi two speed trans in my hpi nitro rs4 3,and my question is the car rolls fine in the foward direction,but when i push it backwards it wants to drag all 4 wheels. Is this normal,i didnt notice that issue with the single speed trans. All the gears match up fine and there isnt...
  17. R

    best engine for 2 speed?

    What's the best engine to put in my 2 speed eb4 s2 pro? Something high revving? http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=gpojCzSLEnI
  18. T

    2 speed for HPI Firestorm?

    How can I made a hpi firestorm a 2 speed
  19. laton7

    2 speed tranny

    How does a two speed gearbox/tranny work on nitro vehicles? What causes it to change when it does? Are there different types of "gear change" on different vehicles? Any info is greatly appreciatad :D thanks guys!
  20. SSX

    1 speed to 2 speed?

    Hi Guys, Is there a way of turning a 1 speed center diff into a 2 speed? Make is: Thunder Tiger EB4 S2 Pro. thanks in advance.