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  1. coldvod

    Trailfinder 2 homemade bed rack

    At the moment I'm building a bed rack for my tf2. I'm using 1/4 metal for the base. I. Trying to recreate the one thats already mounted ro my truck. I believe its near the exact shape i just need to cut it and do minor adjustments. The silver bar is what i want to use as the bars that go across...
  2. V

    13t pinion gear

    Hi, I think my pinion gear is damaged, can someone verify it by the looks of it please? The rc car is a bsd rampage 1/10
  3. kozmonot71

    Recommend a fpv camera and transmitter for vehicles.

    I would like to find a fpv camera rig for my rc vehicles. Something I could move from vehicle to vehicle. I’m slowly adding scale details to my TRX4 79 Bronco including interior with moving steering wheel, a driver and passenger etc. Thought it’d be fun to have some video from inside the cab...
  4. B

    Looking for a 1/10 electric touring car kit to build

    Looking for a 1/10 electric touring car to build, with a firm $800 budget. I have tools, grease, oil, Tx/Rx, etc.. Just need a chassis, drivetrain, motor, esc, servo, wheels and tires. I have 4x 2s LiPos, and not getting more. I don’t know enough to be able compare Kyosho kit xxx to Xray kit...
  5. Dewalt Drill

    Best 1/10th scale rwd drift roller?

    best RWD 1/10th drift roller under 200 usd?
  6. Maverick Strada Evo XT - Rebuild

    Maverick Strada Evo XT - Rebuild

    I get the impression this was originally sold as a RtR truck, but someone seems to have taken it apart and didn't remember how to put it back together again.
  7. Short Course Edd - 3 months old

    Short Course Edd - 3 months old

  8. Short Course Edd - 3 months old

    Short Course Edd - 3 months old

  9. Short Course Edd - Pre paint

    Short Course Edd - Pre paint

  10. Short Course Edd - Topless

    Short Course Edd - Topless

  11. Short Course Edd - Semi topless

    Short Course Edd - Semi topless

  12. New build chaos

    New build chaos

  13. My first tyres

    My first tyres

  14. Short Course Edd - Topless

    Short Course Edd - Topless

    Before it ever raced...
  15. Short Course Edd

    Short Course Edd

    Before it ever raced...
  16. StephMir

    Kyosho Fazer MK2 GT3 Electric On-Road

    I was able to ordrer my Kyosho Fazer MK2. They were out of stock for about a year. I will be doing upgrades. I bought the metal center driveshaft and replaced the plastic one. I will be upgrading to brushless & sensorless motor with ESC. I bought some foam tires for my Kyosho FW06 also a 1/10...
  17. Kyosho FW06 Crash run

    Kyosho FW06 Crash run

    Slammed it into a parked car. Surprisingly, hardly any damage. no broken parts, just a little tear on the body and a bent body clip. Installed the foamies all the way around. Running 30mm as opposed to 24mm. Wider wheels and slightly rubbing on the steering turnbuckle. Also, black residue on exhaust
  18. korreka

    Converting a nitro RC car bought 12 years ago to electric

    I have converted a "Chinese" nitro buggy (1/10 scale) into an electrical powered rally car, without a kit conversion. The first thing is to disassemble the nitro engine, brakes, exhaust pipe, throttle servo and nitro tank: The motor mounting adapter can be bought from ebay or aliexpress...
  19. Z

    Wanting to be able to put plow on crawler truck

    Wondering if anyone knows what 1/10th scale crawlers I can put snow plows on
  20. JPG

    Moist autumn is now what we love

    I invite you to watch movie from our autumn RC Trial through the forest. The one-day snow had almost completely melted, leaving a wonderfully wet surface. It was impossible to remain indifferent to such wonderful conditions and Karol and I decided to go for a short RC adventure. The effects...