Team Associated SC10 - Nissan Z

Back into the hobby after many years

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General RC Information

I used to race and won the local championship in the 1990's with a RC10 Truck.

Last year I bought a Team Associated SC10.
Pro-Line tires, RPM arms, Aluminum shocks, Motor heat sink and fans, Futaba transmitter. 2S + 3S



Pro4-SC10 top.jpg


If it ain't broke you ain't doing it right

I am a graphic designer and back in the day I would paint bodies for friends.
At first I wanted a Shelf Queen realistic body for the SC10.


1956 Ford F-100 pickup truck - Only problem is ... it's too nice to crash.

This year I wanted to put a car body on the truck chassis specifically to be destroyed doing crazy stuff.
I found a Pro-Line 1/8 scale touring car body that sort of fits the 1/10 truck. The wheelbase is good but the car is narrower than the tires.

I grew up in Georgetown, CT. Home of Bob Sharp Datsun / Nissan.
Bob Sharp and Paul Newman raced Datsun 240Z's out of that dealership. They also sold souped up Fast & Furious Z's with the same livery as the race cars = a GT33. As kids we loved to watch them work on the race cars in the garages.


1974 Datsun 240 Z
2024 Nissan Z

Nissan Z body on Short Course truck

What I like to call a 50/50 paint job. I aim for perfection but always mess up something.
It looks great at 50 feet away going 50 Miles Per Hour. The car looks great in motion!
I like using this new body a lot more than the truck bodies.
RC Type
RC Brand
Team Associated
RC Model
RC Scale
1/10 Scale

Technical Specifications

Power Source
Battery Type
Motor Type
Drive System
4WD (Four-Wheel Drive)
Top Speed
40-59 mph

Additional Information

Challenges Faced
#1 - The gearbox access cover WILL come loose and small rocks will get into the spur+pinion and ruin the gears. Always check that the cover is in place and always use the 'Hair net' dust cover that comes with this model.
#2 the included controller is not good. Replace it with a good radio if the stock unit 'feels' weird.
#3 Replace the stock plastic shocks with aluminum shocks.
#4 Not that the front A-arms are weak... but if they break replace them with RPM arms and they are almost indestructible.

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