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As you probably already know, Baton Rogue has hit with a flood - roughly 24 inches of rain within 48 hours. One of our own, alpinehyperlite, not only an RC fan, but a long time member of RCNT and even a long time Supporting Member but also someone many of us would consider a friend and part of this RCNT family, has hit pretty hard by the flood.

How hard? Everything is gone! It's actually easier to list what James was able to salvage other than listing everything he lost.. Things saved: Vehicles, Guns and a Piano. Everything else that was once in the house is now in the trash or floating somewhere in Baton Rogue.

Because of that we're doing a donation collection for any funds you might be able to spare, it doesn't matter if it's $5.00 or $500.00. At this point James and his wife could certainly use anything right now as the insurance company isn't covering anything in the house, but only the house structure itself - which will need to be brought all the way down to the studs and rebuilt.

If you haven't already seen it, be sure to check out the Flooding thread that James created in the forum to see all that's been lost and before and after pictures, it's pretty devastating.

So if you can and want to donate please use the button below.

Finally, please pass this donation page onto anyone you think would be interested in donating to this cause.

$760 - Raised!

I think it'd be awesome if we could raise $1,000 or more but anything at this point would be a big help for James and his family. Thanks for looking and I'll update this page with the total raised as donations come in.