Dye rims with Rit-Dye

Cautions: DO NOT use RIT dye as something to drink and to wash your eyes with. If you accidentally get the dye in your eyes flush them out for 15 minutes and call your local doctor. BEWARE of your mother, wife, and girlfriend because this stuff CAN stain so don’t be going wild with it.

Starting: So you want to DYE some wheels huh? First off you need wheels to dye, I used Traxxas white nylon rims for my nitro rustler. This type of rim (white nylon) is best for this dye. I went to my local grocery store and picked up the dye, which in this case is Royal Blue. If you can’t find the color you are looking for try the RIT dye website for a very wide selection. Once you have the rims and the dye you should look around your house for a old cooking pot so you can boil water. Please do not use the cookware you use everyday because you will ruin this pot. You should also get a cardboard box and a shoelace or something you can use to dip the rims.

setting up.

Step 1: Make sure the pot you are using is big enough to fully submerge the rims. Fill the pot where the water will cover the rims. Turn the flame on HIGH and let the water to start boiling. While your waiting this would be a good time to tie your rims to the string so you will be ready to dip.

Putting rims in the dye.

Step 2: Once the water starts to boil you are ready to start dipping, but first you have to pour your dye in, you don’t need too much dye just enough where it dilutes throughout the whole pot. You can add more if you need to later. Once the dye is in turn the flame down so the water is simmering. Now your ready put those rims in the pot!

Removing the rims from the dye.

Step 3: Getting them just right. Once the rims are in there for a about a minute you can see them began to dye. To get them to the color you like just keep pulling them out and dipping them back in checking every so often to see where your at. If your just not getting where you want to try adding a little bit more dye to the pot.

Dyed rims finished.

Step 4: So you think you’re done huh? Cool! Now be careful transferring the rims to the cardboard box could make a mess if your not cautious. Let the rims dry and mount them. You’re Done! Now clean up your mess.

These pictures are rims that I used to dye, it may seem like some parts of these rims didn’t dye, well your right. These rims where previously mounted so that is where the adhesive or rubber residue was left over.