Duratrax Onyx 150 LiPo Charger

Duratrax Onyx 150 LiPo Charger

Duratrax has a new LiPo charger designed for the budget friendly modeler, the Duratrax Onyx 150. A built-in power supply makes it easy to take along. Once the Onyx 150 is plugged in, all the modeler needs to do is hook up a pack and set the charge rate. The Onyx 150 provides balanced charging for 1-3S LiPo packs. The Onyx 150 will start and stop automatically and also features a multi-color LED for reading charge status at a glance.

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Duratrax 835B 1/8th Nitro Buggy

duratrax 835B red buggy

Check out Duratrax’s new 1/8th nitro buggy. Duratrax knows there are a lot of tough buggies already on the market, but only one has a guarantee to back it’s toughness – and that’s the new 1/8th scale Duratrax 835B nitro buggy!

Loaded with Stress-tech parts and every one of them is protected by a 1 year replacement guarantee. If a stress-tech part fails during that first year, Duratrax will replace it for FREE!

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DuraTrax Evader DT

Muddy Duratrax Evader DT

DuraTrax has added a new r/c short course style truck to the mix, their DuraTrax Evader DT. The Evader DT is a one-of-a-kind 1/10th scale truck that brings scale details and tough as nails strength all at a low price!

The DuraTrax Evader DT features a 2WD chassis, realistic off-road tires and wheels that are tucked away under a pre-painted body. While the bumpers, skid plate, roll bar, light bars, mirrors, truck bed with cooler and functional spare tire all add up to an RTR truck that rocks.

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DuraTrax Evader EXT Stadium Truck

DuraTrax Evader EXT Stadium Truck

DuraTrax has just released it’s new DuraTrax Evader EXT Stadium Truck, the DuraTrax Evader EXT has everything a new off-roader is looking for – completely pre-assembled, easy to handle and very affordable. The DuraTrax Evader EXT is almost bulletproof so you can take on all types of terrain instead of taking your truck in for repairs. If you do manage to break a Stress-Tech part during the first year, DuraTrax will replace it!

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