CowRC Flat Mat

CowRC flat mat pitmat

About this same time two years ago we reviewed a brand new pitmat by CowRC called the Screw Catcher. The CowRC Screw Catcher was a huge hit with it’s biggest feature being a fully magnetic base along with foam edges to “catch” your screws. The downside of the Screw Catcher was that it was thick and wasn’t portable friendly.

Well CowRC has fixed that now with their latest pitmat, the CowRC Flat Mat and today we’re going to take a closer look at the new CowRC flat mat pitmat.

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Screw Catcher RC Mat from Cow Performance

CowRC Pit Mat

If you’re like me, you probably have a pit mat or two along with a several magnetic trays to hold your screws and small parts, while you’re building or wrenching on your R/C.

Well a company called Cow Performance has made a pit mat that does it all, called the Screw Catcher. The Cow Performance screw catcher R/C Mat is a 60 mil non transferring reverse magnetic, matte white work surfaces. Combined with permanently bonded closed foam part compartments! Almost sounds to good to be true, keep reading and to see what we thought about it.

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