Axial Wraith Manual and Parts List

Axial Wraith RTR

The Axial Wraith is a full tube frame chassis R/C rock racer, built not only to crawl over rocks but to go FAST!

Axial Wraith Manual

Axial Wraith Parts List

AX12015 – 2.2 Ripsaw Tires – R35 Compound (2pcs)

AX30031 – Antenna

AX30041 – Velcro Strap 15x160mm

AX30112 – Shock Diaphragm 13×4.5mm (6pcs)

AX30113 – Rubber Bump Stop 3.6x7x4 (6pcs)

AX30155 – Shock Shaft 3×59.5 (2pcs)

AX30162 – Pin 1.5x8mm(6pcs.)

AX30163 – Pin 2.0x10mm (6pcs.)

AX30166 – Pin 1.5x11mm(6pcs)

AX30190 – Shaft 5×18 (2pcs.)

AX30198 – Slipper DriveGear Shaft 5×53.5

AX30218 – Spring14x70mm 2.07 lbs/in- Super Soft (Red) (2pcs)

AX30368 – Axle6x39mm (2pcs)

AX30385 – Diff Gasket 16x25x0.5mm(2pcs)

AX30392 – Bevel Gear Set (38/13)

AX30394 – 20T Drive Gear

AX30408 – Input Shaft 5x29mm (2pcs)

AX30410 – Inner Slipper Plate

AX30411 – Outer Slipper Plate

AX30412 – Slipper pad 27x8x1mm

AX30413 – Slipper spring 8.5×12 165 lbs/in- Black(2pcs)

AX30419 – AR60OCP Front Dogbone Set (2pcs)

AX30429 – 12mmAluminum Hub(Black) (4pcs)

AX30435 – Steel OutdriveShaft Set (2pcs)

AX30437 – DigLockout Shaft

AX30450 – Flange Pipe 3×4.5×5.5 (4pcs)

AX30463 – WB8 Universal Joint Rebuild Kit (2pcs)

AX30491 – AX10RTR Motor Plate

AX30500 – HeavyDutyLocker(2pcs)

AX30578 – Pinion 48DP 20 T

AX30665 – Spur48DP80T

AX30776 – AR60OCP Rear AxleSet (2pcs)

AX30777 – 56x17mm Servo Plate

AX30778 – Zero Ackerman Steering Plate (2pcs)

AX30784 – WB8DriveshaftCoupler Set

AX4027 – WraithBody-.040″ (Clear)

AX4028 – Wraith InteriorSet – .040″ (Clear)

AX80002 – Diff Case-Small

AX80006 – Servo Set

AX80010 – Gear Set

AX80018 – Hardware Parts Tree

AX80033 – 10mm Shock Parts Tree 1

AX80034 – 10mm Shock Parts Tree 2

AX80035 – 10mm Shock Caps Parts Tree

AX80036 – 72-103mm Shock Body

AX80037 – Interior Details Parts Tree – Black

AX80045 – LED Light HolderSet A

AX80049 – LED Lens Set-Clear

AX80051 – DigTransmission Case

AX80061 – XR10Steering Knuckles Set

AX80062 – XR10C Hub Carrier Set

AX80069 – AR60 OCP Axle Housing

AX80070 – AR60 OCP Differential Cover

AX80071 – AR60OCP StraightAxleAdapter

AX80072 – AR60 OCP 4-Link Mount

AX80073 – AR60OCP Steering Link

AX80074 – Wraith Tube Frame Rails

AX80075 – Wraith Tube Frame Top

AX80076 – WraithTube Frame Shock Mount(Rear)

AX80077 – Wraith Tube Frame Bumper

AX80078 – Transmission Spur Gear Cover

AX80079 – WraithTube Frame Skid Plate/Battery Tray

AX80080 – Corbeau LG1 Seat (Grey)(2pcs)

AX80081 – Wraith Tube Frame Electronics Box

AX80082 – Wraith Tube Frame Brace Set

AX80083 – Wraith Links Set

AX80084 – WB8 Driveshaft

AX80087 – WraithTube Frame Side (Left)

AX80088 – WraithTube Frame Side (Right)

AX80089 – WraithTube Frame Shock Mount(Front)

AX08137 – 2.2 Raceline Renegade Wheels – 41mmWide (Chrome) (2pcs)

AXA013 – M2x6mm Cap Head (BlackOxide)

AXA1243 – Bearing 15x21x4mm

AXA015 – M2x10mmCap Head

AXA083 – M3x6mm Cap Head (Black)

AXA087 – M3x16mm Cap Head (Black)

AXA089 – M3x25mmCap Head (Black)

AXA091 – M3x30mm Cap Head (Black)

AXA0109 – M3x10mm Oversized Flat Hex Socket


AXA1041 – Nylon Locknut2.5

AXA1045 – M4Nylon LockNut(Black)

AXA1052 – M3Thin Nylon Locking Hex Nut(BLACK)

AXA1053 – M3NylonLocking Hex Nut (BLACK)

AXA1069 – WASHER 2.7×6.7×0.5

AXA1070 – WASHER 3x6x0.5

AXA1071 – Washer 4x8x1mm

AXA1091 – WASHER 3x6x0.5

AXA0113 – M3x6mm Hex Socket Button Head (Black)(1Opes)

AXA115 – M3x10mm HexSocket ButtonHead (Black) (1Opes)

AXA116 – M3x12mm Hex Socket ButtonHead (Black)

AXA117 – M3x15mm Hex Socket ButtonHead (Black)

AXA118 – M3x18mm HexSocket ButtonHead (Black)

AXA1184 – O-Ring7.5×1.5mm(S8)

AXA1202 – O-Ring 3.5x2mm

AXA1393 – E2.5e-clip(10pcs)

AXA144 – M3x8mm Hex Socket Flat Head (Black)

AXA180 – M3x3mm Set Screw (Black)

AXA0187 – M3x20mm Set Screw (BlackOxide)

AXA0412 – M2.6x6mm Hex Socket Tapping Flat Head (Black)

AXA0413 – M2.6x8mm HexSocket TappingFlatHead (Black) (1Opes)

AXA0414 – M2.6x10mm Hex Socket Tapping Flat Head (Black)

AXA0416 – M2.6x18mm HexSocket Tapping Flat Head (Black) (10pcs)

AXA0422 – M2.6x6mm Hex Socket Tapping ButtonHead (Black) (1Opes)

AXA433 – M3x6mm Hex Socket Tapping Button Head (Black)

AXA434 – M3x8mm Hex Socket Tapping Button Head (Black)

AXA435 – M3x10mmHex Socket Tapping Button Head (Black)

AXA436 – M3x12mm Hex Socket Tapping ButtonHead (Black)

AXA0437 – M3x15mm Hex Socket Tapping ButtonHead (Black)

AXA438 – M3x18mm HexSocket Tapping ButtonHead (Black)

AXA0439 – M3x20mm HexSocket Tapping ButtonHead (Black) (10pcs)

AXA440 – M3x25mm HexSocket Tapping Button Head (Black)

AXA441 – M3x30mm Hex Socket Tapping ButtonHead (Black)

AXA463 – M3x6mm Hex Socket Tapping Flat Head (Black)

AXA464 – M3x8mm Hex Socket Tapping Flat Head (Black)

AXA465 – M3x10mm Hex Socket Tapping Flat Head (Black)

AXA466 – M3x12mm Hex Socket Tapping Flat Head (Black)

AXA1090 – Washer 4.8×14 (Green)

AXA1356 – SiliconeShock Bushing7.5x8mm(6pcs)

AXA0175 – Screw Shaft M3x2.5x11mm(1Opes)

AXA1218 – Bearing5x10x4mm

AXA1221 – Bearing 5x11x4mm

AXA1225 – Bearing 8x16x5mm

AXA1230 – Bearing 10x15x4mm

AX24003 – Axial 20T Electric Motor

AX24204 – Axial 2.4Ghz Radio System (2-Channel)

AX24253 – Axial Double LED LightString (Red LED)

AX24257 – Simple LED Controllerw/LED lights(4 whiteand 2 Red)

AX24258 – 4 LED String (WhiteLED)

AX24259 – Axial AE-2Forward/ReverseESCw/Drag Brake

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