Axial Terra-izer Tires

Axial Terra-izer Tires

Get ready to tear up the track with the new Axial Terra-izer tires. The Axial Terra-izer and Terre-izer Oversized was designed using successful professional motocross tire tread concepts and successfully adapting them to the R/C Monster truck environment. The block pattern in the center of the tire is similar to what you might find on a pro racers motocross bike, while the side blocks have been optimized to provide constant traction even when the vehicle is at extreme lean angles and still allow forward bite to the racing surface. All this adds up to improved traction on medium packed track conditions.

The Axial Terra-izer and Terra-izer Oversized features low profile sidewalls which reduces flex in turns and special stepped inner foam helps keep the tire shape consistent on the track. The super sticky soft race compound makes them perform that much better.

Axial Terra-izer and Oversized Terra-izer features:

  • Super sticky soft race compound
  • Based on professional motocross tread concepts
  • Angled side blocks for increased traction in turns
  • Best suited for medium packed track conditions
  • Low profile sidewall reduces flex in turns
  • Stepped inner foam keeps the shape of the tire consistent during running
  • Outside Diameter: 147mm
  • Inside Diameter: 80mm
  • Width: 75mm
  • Outside Diameter (oversized): 144mm
  • Inside Diameter (oversized): 93mm
  • Width (oversized): 89mm

Part #: AX12007 – AxialTerra-izer Monster Truck Tire
MSRP: $28.00

Part #: AX12008 – Axial Oversize Terra-izers Tires
MSRP: $28.00

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