Atomic 380 motor

Micro 1/18th R/C's have been coming more and more popular and because of that the demand for hotter engines have also been increasing. Atomic has released two new motors which do just that!

The Atomic ST-80 26T high torque motor that will run up to 35,000 RPM at 7.2V. The Atomic ST-80 was designed mainly for off-road use. The second engine from Atomic is the ATOM-18 which is a 22T HIGH speed motor that will do 40,000 RPM at 7.2V. The Atomic ATOM-18 was designed for those 1/18th on-road cars!

Part Numbers:
MO-001 – Atomic ST-18 380 Motor (High Torque)
MO-002 – Atomic ATOM-380 Motor (High Speed)
MO-003 – Atomic Carbon Brush for 380 Motor

Atomic ST-18 and ATOM-18 motors for 1/18th scale